Open Auditions for Coriolanus, directed by Jeremy Mahr

Rome is on the edge of ruin: a recent famine has the people ready to revolt against the state, meanwhile a neighboring enemy is mobilizing to attack. At the center of these struggles is Caius Martius Coriolanus, Rome’s best soldier who has aspirations to move his battlegrounds into the political arena. Coriolanus endeavors to stop Rome’s enemies, and to gain the support of the common people when he steps into a role for which he is unsuited.

Where and When
QC Theatre Workshop
1730 Wilkes Avenue
Davenport, IA 52804
Auditions: January 4 & 5, 6:30-8:00 p.m. and January 7, 1:00-3:30 p.m.
Callbacks: January 8, 1:00-4:00 p.m.
Social Media/Preview Night: Thursday, March 23
Performances: March 24-26 and March 30-April 1

Contact director Jeremy Mahr by email ( or text (309-468-4312) with questions or to audition by appointment.

There are 12 roles available for this ensemble-focused show.
All are doubled (except Coriolanus), and all will use a weapon in battle.
Actors should be at least 17 years old (no age max).
Roles may be cast non-traditionally in regards to gender and ethnicity.
Special need for a smaller ensemble role with the ability to play military drum cadences.

Coriolanus – Prideful Roman soldier of the upper class. Passionate, honorable to a fault.
Volumnia – Coriolanus’ mother. Smart, strong, and proud of her son raised to be a soldier.
Virgilia – Corilanus’ wife. Expanded from the original. Less the timid, dutiful wife now and more outspoken, clever. Strongly supports her husband and mother in law.
Menenius – Upper class leader. Friend and mentor to Coriolanus. Quick to laugh, but capable of volatile anger. Loved by the common people.
Cominius – Roman Consul and General. Friend to Coriolanus. Passionate leader, who sets by tradition, and gives credit where it’s due.
Sicinius and Brutus – newly appointed Tribunes of the people, who act as their voice. They are always together and do anything to help the common people.
Aufidius – Volsican leader. Coriolanus’s sworn rival. Tough and ambitious. He and Coriolanus love to hate each other.
4 Ensemble Roles – playing Roman citizens, soldiers, and senators; Volscian leaders and soldiers.

Prenzie Auditions are Open to All

Prenzie’s commitment to community theater is boundless, and in that spirit, we like every one of our productions to include at least one person who is–shall we say–previously “unprenzified.” We’re always on the lookout for new Prenzies, both onstage and backstage!

Our unique approach to casting makes the whole process comfortable and fun for everyone. You do not need to prepare a monologue ahead of time, nor do you need to bother with a headshot, nor do you need to have “connections” in order to get your foot in the door.

But I have no acting experience.

That’s OK! Come give it a shot!

But I don’t understand Shakespeare.

That’s OK! Most of the people you’ve seen in our shows came to Prenzie with no prior Shakespeare. Come anyway!

But I’m [too old, too short, too fat, too plain, etc].

In the Prenzie world, there’s no such thing as “too [whatever].”
We like our casts to represent reality, and the reality is that people come in all different kinds of packaging.

No More Excuses!

Auditions will be announced on this page and on our Facebook page. We’re ready to see you!