The Caucasian Chalk Circle

By Berthold Brecht
(Tr. Eric Bentley)
Directed by Kate Farence
July 2017

“An incredible evening of theatre.”
Victoria Navarro, River Cities’ Reader

“A fantasy-league cast… extraordinary and challenging.”
Chris Hicks, Dispatch-Argus

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Mattie Gelaude in Caucasian Chalk Circle
Mattie Gelaude in Caucasian Chalk Circle
Aaron Sullivan in Caucasian Chalk Circle.
Aaron Sullivan in Caucasian Chalk Circle. Photo Credit: Jesse Mohr
Aaron, Payton, Kitty, and Alaina.
Aaron, Payton, Kitty, and Alaina. Photo Credit: Jesse Mohr

“Caucasian Chalk Circle, The (Bentley, trans.)” is presented by special arrangement with SAMUEL FRENCH, INC.


The Cast

Virginia Atwell
A Girl Tractorist
First Ironshirt
Maro, a servant
Aniko, Grusha’s Sister-In-Law
Third Woman, a wedding guest
Blackmailer, in Azdak’s court

Andrew Bruning
A Soldier
Adjutant, assistant to Governor
Third Merchant
Lavrenti, Grusha’s brother
Nephew, Prince Kazbeki’s nephew
Fourth Ironshirt

Andy Curtiss
Third Man
Second Doctor, doctor to Michael
Second Ironshirt
Jussup, a peasant
Iraki, a bandit
Second Lawyer, lawyer to Natella

Dani Helmich
A Young Worker
First Petitioner
Asja, a servant
Musician, at a wedding
Shauwa, a police officer

Tim Miller
First Man
FIrst Petitioner
A Messenger
Groom, a servant
Peasant Man, from the country
Monk, at a wedding
Invalid, in Azdak’s court

Matt Moody
A Delegate
Governor, of Nuka in Grusinia
Corporal, in pursuit of Michael
First Man, a wedding guest
Old Man, used to be Grand Duke
First Farmer, in Azdak’s court

Angela Rathman
First Doctor, doctor to Michael
Second Merchant
Mother-In-Law, mother to Jessup
Peasant Woman, in Azdak’s court
First Lawyer, lawyer to Natella

Elizabeth Sager
Second Petitioner
Architect, hired by Governor
Cook, a servant
Second Woman, a wedding guest
Doctor, in Azdak’s court

Chris Sanders-Ring
Second Woman
Nina, a servant
Peasant Woman, from the country
First Woman, a wedding guest
Limping Woman, in Azdak’s court
Third Farmer, in Azdak’s court

John Turner
Second Man
Prince Kazbeki
Old Man, a peasant
First Merchant
Second Man, a wedding guest
Second Farmer, in Azdak’s court

Alaina Pascarella
The Singer

Aaron Sullivan

Mattie Gelaude

Kitty Israel

Payton Brasher

The Crew

Director: Kate Farence
Stage Manager: Lauren Moody
Fight Choreography: Aaron E. Sullivan
Set Design: Jarrod DeRooi & Kate Farence
Set Construction: Andrew Bruning, Jarrod DeRooi, Kate Farence, Tim Miller, Lauren Moody, Matt Moody, Alex Steffen, and THE CAST
Set Painting: Payton Brasher, Andrew Bruning, Kate Farence, Tim Miller, Lauren Moody, Matt Moody, & Alaina Pascarella
Props: Lauren Moody
Prop heads: Jordan Densberger
Costume Design: Catherine Bodenbender, Kate Farence, Angela Rathman, and THE CAST
Sound Design: Kate Farence, Jesse Mohr
Sound Recording: Ryan Collins & Ryan Meehan
Song Composing: Ryan Collins & Dani Helmich
Musicians: Ryan Collins & Dani Helmich
Lighting Design: Jesse Mohr
Sound and Light Board Operator: Kaylee Bargmann
Producer: Catherine Bodenbender
Reservations: Jeremy Mahr
Front of House: Lis Athas
Executive Director: Jake Walker
Artistic Director: Catherine Bodenbender

Special Thanks

Ryan Collins
Tyson Danner
Jordan Densberger
Ryan Meehan
Alex Steffen
The Midwest Writing Center
Quad Cities Theatre Workshop